We at Qrtd publishing are very proud to present macenzo, the collected Instagrams of Dirk Bakker.

For every startup, reference projects are essential. In our quest to become the Taschen of Instagram, Qrtd is always scouting the social medium for the best content. 

It's a dream come true to nail and a +200K IG followers account!

They are the game changers that really make the difference. They are the individuals and brands that manage to move the global crowd with their vision, focus and dedication. 

Such a remarkable person is macenzo aka Dutch graphic designer and photographer Dirk Bakker. When you are into architectural photography the man no longer needs an introduction. Macenzo's signature urban patterns are on various must-see lists in the world of Instagram and beyond.

The artist Dirk Bakker lives and works in Amsterdam and is co-founder of the Dutch city marketing startup SeeMyCity. 


Bakker related to the Qrtd vision and what we are pursueing with our look book initiative for iPad. It was great when he gave the go ahead to publish his lookbook. 

But the real treat for us lies in the collaboration.

He inspired Qrtd to step up our game and make the needed enhancements to our look book format. This resulted in the first major revamp of all our current look book releases. The most noticeable change is very architectural, very macenzo : the introduction of random double sized images that break up the image stream and make discovering beautiful images even more exciting.

Download the macenzo app for ipad NOW.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this Qrtd milestone release!