Just Imagine you could ISOLATE, BRAND & PUBLISH your IG accounts and vision as a standalone LOOK BOOK!

There are a lot of creative people & brands around that communicate via Instagram in a very focused way. They are called curators… and their IG accounts deserve better!

Are you an Instagram curator?

  1. You have vision and focus
  2. You post Instagram pictures on a regular basis (and preferably already have a valuable collection)
  3. You have a faithful audience of Followers

Why your Instagram content deserves better:


better UX

Instagram is too hectic and fragmented!

  • The average quality of the IG stream is not consistent
  • Your image collection as a whole is a statement and that's why you need a better UX for your message
  • For starters, a tablet experience will do more justice to your Instagram stream



You want more curation possibilities!

  • Combine Instagram accounts
  • Mix exclusive content
  • Automate image selection through hashtags



You want to break out! 

  • Break out of Instagram… because there is a large public waiting for you outside the social network!
  • Allow some serious branding and publish your own branded look book 

Qrtd lookbooks are an ideal tool for

  • Personal branding
  • Portfolios (arts, fashion, photography)
  • Collections
  • Content marketing
  • Events

Curation as a Service (CaaS)

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 22.22.05.png

The concept reveiled

On Instagram we all love (❤), we all use hashtags (#) and we all follow interesting people (@).
By combining these 3 simple parameters you can easily set up a dynamic query in the cloud that will automatically filter out the best content for your very own Qrtd lookbook!

The qrtd equation: ❤ + @ + # = Publish

With the Qrtd dashboard every curator can set up:

  • Manual curation = allow ❤'s in your Qrtd lookbook
  • Collaborate curation = have your own team and combine multiple accounts in your Qrtd lookbook
  • Automatic curation = introduce automatic hashtag picked content in your Qrtd lookbook
  • Exclusive content = share exclusives that are not publicly available on Instagram
Qrtd publishing is seamless publishing

Once you've set up these easy curation parameters all a curator needs to take care of is doing what he/she does best: post Instagrams! Qrtd will take care of the rest.

Qrtd lookbook features

  • Unique undistracted user experience that does justice to your Instagram account and vision.
  • Published as FREE downloadable lookbook for iPad on the App Store
  • Access your online Qrtd dashboard to set up curations that will feed your Qrtd lookbook app
  • Extend your audience beyond Istagram. Users that download your lookbook do not need an Instagram account in order to view your content!
  • Instagram video support
  • Fully customizable:
    • lookbook name
    • application icon
    • Cover page with url link
  • Social sharing functionality:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • E-mail
    • Save to filmroll
    • Watermark copyright protection
  • Tablet requirements: iPad2 or higher

And there's more to come!

We are working hard to build in a new killer feature: url-linking. Have you ever tried pasting a url in your Instagram comment field? It doesn't work does it?

Imagine these links would work in your look book…that would unlock a true treasure chest. Tapping on an image might lead you directly to the product in your web shop. This way your look book would become an alternative e-commerce channel!