Screenshot from the Missoni look book test…

Screenshot from the Missoni look book test…

How Qrtd look books can bring a brand's fragmented online presence back together

One of the unique curation features of the Qrtd look book solution is that you can combine multiple Instagram accounts into one branded look book. This solves a problem many worldwide brands are faced with. Global brands often have many local branches or sub labels, all resulting in an exponential growth of their Social Media accounts. This is not a bad thing because thanks to these social media a very personal and targeted conversation can be established between company and customer. The booming Online marketing and growth hacking business a fact but from a traditional corporate identity pov this fragmentation might sound like horror. 

At Qrtd we focus on Instagram and know that when you do an IG search on a major brand, you are bound to find lots of related accounts. Especially in fashion retail this is very noticeable. The cool thing is that reuniting all these accounts from a same brand into one single look book lets people discover the bigger picture of that brand. It's really unlocking a treasure chest of visual info and because you data-mine multiple accounts you are looking on a vast collection of valuable visual data. The results are look books that give an interesting multifaceted view on a brand and where it really stands for.

To make my case I've created a test app for one of my favorite brands Missoni. Missoni is the magnificent Italian fashion house known for its signature zigzag pattern and its pristine knitwear. I reunited their main Missoni Instagram account with the younger M Missoni collection and decorative Missoni Home collection IG accounts. The result is a stunning look book app and hours of viewing pleasure and inspiration. Creating it took me approximately 15 minutes! With my iPhone and the Hyperlapse I turned it into this 15-second teaser. Hope you enjoy! 

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