Our first major look book update has finally arrived! Make sure to pick up the latest versions of our look books and witness the great enhancements and new features


Because of the new features and enhancements it will become harder not to become addicted to the curated Instagram image streams our look books are offering. 


Better sharing! Our sharing capabilities have been optimized. Automated comments and sharing progress make the user experience only better. What's more: we've added e-mail sharing as an option. So if you happened to come across an image you love, you can now  simply mail it!


We finally tackled the nasty loading problem that sometimes occurred. In order to see the images you sometimes had to start up the look book twice. That blocker is all in the past. From now on it's start up and enjoy!


The most noticable change is the layout of the image stream. Random images break up the 4x3 grid and are presented double-size. This makes scrolling through the image stream and discovering inspiring Instagrams even more enticing.

(OK, I'll admit it … all credits for the Harder, Better, Faster, Strongercopy go to these guys who are a big inspiration ; -) 

We refer to this release as the art-publishing release. We've been hunting for an influencial 100K+ Instagram art account to publish and found a killer 195K+ Instagram photographer! The guy behind the account loved the Qrtd solution so much, that he made some very valuable requests and suggestions. These new updates are the result of this collaboration. In September, we'll publish his 195K+ look book which will become a game changer.

But for now: check out and enjoy our existing updated look book apps! 

Click to download the latest version!