Ehum. De-social what? When shaping my start up Qrtd I pondered about the de-socializing concept. De-socialization by no means is about abandoning social media - on the contrary - it's all about making social content useful!

De-socialization is reducing the amount of social interaction to make your account/brand stand out and reach out beyond the social network you are using.

1. The Follow-concept stinks

Consider this:  

a. Following by definition means you miss out of things! Unless following becomes a full time occupation your audience is bound to miss out of potentially useful information. 

b. Follower is not always an engager! 

Most followers are literally followers: they follow but never participate. So basically a large public is interested in you/your brand but never interacts and therfor isn't that social. There is nothing wrong with this behavior BTW… but we should be very aware of this. The human species isn't that social after all.

2. Timeline based content has a very short timespan! 

When you are providing superb content this is a shame. The more people return to old content the better. Every growth hacker knows this. Your collection reveals your vision and is the valuable asset and main differentiator that makes you as person/brand stand out.

3. Slow media consumption brings more engagement! 

When somebody takes the time to get to know you better, she/he is more likely to engage in a longer term relationship. Tablet reading experiences here are key.

4. Break out! 

Go beyond your Social Network. By creating a de-socialized application you can reach out far beyond your social network/followers. There is a larger public out there.

5. Allow serious branding! 

By isolating your account(s) as a fully branded application, the focus is 100% on you, your brand and your message. Distraction and ad free…


So far my plea for looking for ways to de-socialize Social media in order to get the most out of it.

I've created Qrtd  - the look book publishing service that de-socializes Instagram content - for the sake of sharing inspiration and beauty with more vision and focus.

Qrtd is my act of de-socialization!
— Kristof Van Brussel [founder Qrtd]