We publish look books


We publish look books

Qrtd [ pronounced curated ] wants to inspire people.

We’ve reinvented the coffee table book
by making it dynamic and serving you the best from Instagram.

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The new Instagram API no longer will support our great products in the future. That's why we started the #Instanovation campaign:

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The Apps

The Apps

The Fashion Week Observer

the Fashion Week Observer is your must-have Fashion Week companion!

Be at the front row of the most exclusive fashion shows. Get a glimpse behind the scenes. See where your favorite model's at. Spot the future trends as they happen. Get the fashion week highlights from the fashion experts: the big players and influencers in the business. 
The Fashion Week Observer serves you an exquisite Instagram insight in all major Fashion Week events! 
Scroll, explore and share the best Fashion Week Instagram content available. Share your favorite imagery on Twitter, FaceBook. You can also mail the Instagrams or simply save them to your Photo Roll or even mail the content. 

New York - London - Milan - Paris | Access all areas

FWO is a startup, it is a partnership between Lindsey C Holmes (UsableTech.co) and Qrtd. More info here: Press Release

the Fashion Week Observer universal for iPad and iPhone

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API


Discover the amazing urban patterns of Dutch photographer Dirk Bakker

Macenzo is a well-known and critically acclaimed Instagram account. The man behind the account is graphic designer/photographer Dirk Bakker. He pops up in various must-see photography lists worldwide. This Amsterdam-based Instagrammer has a unique eye for architecture and urban patterns and continues to amaze his +200K followers. 

Qrtd is very proud to present this look book. The macenzo app allows you to experience the art of Dirk Bakker in a new and exciting way. It showcases and emphasizes the vast and ever growing collection of urban patterns from this remarkable Instagrammer. If you are into architecture, this release is an absolute must-have! 

macenzo for iPad

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API

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look book for HAIR by VAN LOENHOUT®

In 2007, after spending 10 years at the forefront of British hairdressing and working alongside some of the greatest names in the industry, Pascal van Loenhout returned to Belgium to found his signature salon and academy HAIR by VAN LOENHOUT®

"The exposure of British hairdressing in the very early 90's proved to be a turning point in my career. It was the spark for turning hairdressing into an art form. (…) At HBVL we believe that sharing our individual strength is a necessity in order to improve creativity" [Pascal van Loenhout]

The HBVL brand takes this philosophy to the next level with the Hairby look book application. Be the first to witness the collections, the behind the scenes and sneak peaks of the creative HAIR by VAN LOENHOUT® team. Tune in to Hairby and be inspired!

Hairby for iPad

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API


Quazi King

Portfolio of African photographer J "Quazi" King

"If your eyes are the windows to the soul then Photographer, J Quazi King’s work gives a very intimate, beautifully haunting and rare glance of the human spirit through the media of film. Originally from Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, J Quazi King now resides in New York. The depth and personal connection that transpires through Quazi’s work and subjects literally leaves little to be said that doesn’t already transcend emotionally while instantaneously holding you in a hypnotic, mesmerizing state."  [CIPRIANA QUANN, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Urban Bush Babes blog]

With this Qrtd look book we are proud to introduce the portfolio and inspiration of photographer Juan "Quazi" King!

Quazi King for iPad

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API



Fan look book for Jesse Boykins III

This Qrtd look book is dedicated to the "swag" of the Jesse Boykins III: Schwaza! The magnificent "World Soul" artist Jesse Boykins not only has a wonderful voice, his bohémien lifestyle and looks make this look book a must have for all fans and music lovers. Jesse Boykins III is always on tour and Schwaza is the coolest way to follow him around the globe. Apart from his own imagery and inspiration, a selection of Instagrams and live footage posted by his fans will complete the Schwaza experience.

We at Qrtd are huge soul lovers and JBIII fans: this is our first look book created for a musician!

Schwaza for iPad

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API


A Cut Above

Fashion look book for the magnificent Belgian Streetwear brand

A Cut Above was founded in Antwerp in 2008 as a one-stop shop for high-end streetwear, quickly becoming a meeting place for graphic designers, artists, photographers and like-minded individuals. When, in 2012, the decision was made to focus on building A Cut Above as a brand, the company shuttered its retail operations to concentrate instead on creating classic styles with clean cuts and understated graphics. Each piece in the label’s collections showcases high-quality tailoring and construction, along with a black-and-white aesthetic that is easily incorporated into any wardrobe.

This Qrtd look book keeps you in touch with the latest collections and visuals of Belgium's hottest streetwear label!

A Cut Above for iPad

Discontinued due to the new Instagram API