Relive the fashion weeks in 10 slow motion Instagrams

The fashion weeks of the Fall/Winter 2015 ready-to-wear collections are over!

For the first time in my life, I followed the fashion weeks intensively on Instagram. As co-founder and curator of the Fashion Week Observer, I literally didn't miss a single runway show. I thought that after a few weeks I would have had my catwalk overdose but - much to my surprise - the shows stayed interesting. There is so much beauty and creativity going on. The moment you think you've had it all, another designer comes along and will knock your socks off with new and innovative looks.

When you are obliged to watch the scene so thoroughly, it's almost impossible not to spot the trends.

The Instagram trend for the front row fashionista of today is slow motion video.

It's a hype thanks to Apple! Currently the majority of the fashion week attenders carry a wonderful slow motion video device: the iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus. I already spotted the great use of slow motion video on Instagram in January during the haute couture show of Valentino.

The details and flow of the different embroidered textile layers of the Valentino dress in this Instagram is pure poetry.

@ZhenyaGoldner  simply wouldn't have been able to capture the full beauty of the piece if the video was shot at full speed.

Slow motion emphasizes the typical catwalk stride of the models. During a catwalk finale, things often go too fast to capture in a normal speed video. On Instagram you only have 15 seconds to make an impression with video. Slomo is a good alternative to make the difference. The spooky slowed down sound track also helps. It's like you get sucked into the scene and that's another attention grabber.

Slow motion extravaganza

Now let's relive the most beautiful fashion week runway moments in slow motion!

New York Fashion Week: Suno

New York Fashion Week: Altuzarra 

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London Fashion Week: finale of Victoria Beckham

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Milan Fashion Week: finale of Costume National

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Paris Fashion Week: Chalayan

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Paris Fashion Week: finale of Dries Van Noten

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Paris Fashion Week: finale of Christian Wijnants

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Paris Fashion Week Aganovich

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Fashion Week Paris: Hermes

This set of slomo runway Instagrams has been curated and selected by using the Fashion Week Observer iPad app. 

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