New York Fashion Week kicks off the new Fashion Week season and there is good news: the Fashion Week Observer is available for iPhone NOW!

Time flies! In March 2014 I launched my look book publishing platform Qrtd [curated]. It allows publishers to set up an Instagram curation and publish branded look books for iPad. Qrtd addresses the needs of people & brands that publish focused content on Instagram and require real curation and branding.

For Instagram 2014-2015 in many ways has been pivotal. The social medium boomed and the fashion industry embraced Instagram.

In my search for new directions for Qrtd, I initiated "the Fashion Week Observer". Its aim: give fashionistas front row access to the fashion week runways. We launched at NYFW last winter and in many ways that was our test case. It was the first time we used the system to cover an event. The FWO curation created an exciting selection of Fashion Week images but still the app downloads didn't take off. Major reason for that was the fact that the mobile landscape had changed. In 2013 the iPad mini was hot property with the runway attenders but by the time we launched the FWO the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus basically had taken over the scene. In order to move on we had to develop a version for iPhone.

The new FWO looks stunning on iPhone! It also looks gorgeous on iPad because it is a universal release.

Just install the Fashion Week Observer and judge for yourself!

7 reasons why you'll like the Fashion Week Observer app: 

  1. It serves you the best and freshest fashion week related Instagram images.
  2. You'll see it first on the FWO, long before it is on the blogs and in fashion editorials
  3. There is no need to have an Instagram account! 
  4. It allows you to save your favorite looks to your photo library!
  5. It is also very easy to share your favorite fashion Instagrams on Twitter and Facebook 
  6. NY is only a start! The FWO covers all big 4 fashion weeks and more: NYC, London, Milan, Paris…
  7. It's a celebration of beauty and creativity

The FW Observer is available in the App Store